Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE) Update – 7/22/2014


FYI, I am so ON SCHEDULE. I’ll be attending the RWA Conference from Wednesday through Sunday so I’m going to really have to remember to work. I predict that the first pass of Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE) will be returned from the editor while I’m at the conference. I have to go through the manuscript and return it for a second pass ASAP. I want to really get the next book to you before August 15th.

I’m a whopping 27k words into Still In Love With Her. A lot has happened between Maggie and Vince. Like Daisy and Belmont, they have to figure out how to negotiate their differences so that they may find a TRUE happily ever after. And so the roller-coaster ride is about to commence! LOL! 

Some HUGE changes have occurred in Maggie’s professional life. Also, I’m closer to the part of the story where I have to link Know Her, Love Her with Still In Love With Her. You’ll see Maggie and Vince at the end of Know Her, Love Her, which will be a flashback to a month earlier before that story ends… I know. Confusing. But It’ll make sense once you read the book. Well, I’m at the week before Maggie and Vince gets together for dinner in New Orleans with Angelina and Charlie to discuss Daisy and Belmont…

Are you still with me???


Anyway so… Maggie looks very, very tired–gasp worthy tired. This books says why she looks that way. It has something do with her new job. Oh, and Monroe is her new business partner…

I really dig this story. Maggie gets inducted into Monroe’s crazy world. 

Anyway… Hitting the hay two hours earlier than usual. I have to get my body ready to wake up at a decent hour. 


Still In Love With Her: Maggie & Vince, Book ONE Update – 7/14/2014


I’ve decided to post updates as I make them. So as you know I started writing Still In Love With Her: Maggie & Vince Book ONE. I planned to reach 10k words by the end of the weekend. However, I was 6k words in when I suddenly realized the story as I first conceived it wasn’t exceptional enough. I put Robert Tango in the story, and I forgot how “wicked sexy” he is…. He still wants Maggie. And he’s a scoundrel and they’ll do just about anything to get what they want… So the story began to take a whole different form. The conflict changed. The stakes were higher. So… I had to make a tough decision.

As of today, I’m back at page one. However, I know exactly what’s happening and where this story needs to go. Sometimes you have to write until you get it right! :-)

OMG… I am going to have SMOKE, FIRE and VAPOR gushing out of my ears by edit submission time. What did I get myself into????



2 New iBooks Pre-Orders! LOVE in the USA!


I really should be sleep by now. It’s 2:40 a.m. CST and I still have work on the brain. I sparked up my computer to check and see if I had written the name of Vince’s high school girlfriend in There’s Something About Her: A Manhattan Love Story. I didn’t think I did because I try to stay true to the character and Maggie wouldn’t remember it. Maggie would probably remember her face after she’s given some clues but that’s it, and only barely. And so after searching, I was right. First person narrator, Maggie didn’t say the name. She just said he dated popular girls. 

Okay. All day of looking at the computer screen and my eyes are starting to play tricks on me so I seriously need to finish this post and stop lollygagging. 

Here goes the IMPORTANT stuff!

So right now you’re able to PRE-ORDER Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE) and Explore Her, More of Her (Belmont & Daisy, Book TWO)–which I cannot WAIT to get started on in light of a new development that’s going to blossom in Still In Love With Her–however, you can pre-order these books on iTunes. And remember, I ALWAYS try to release my books at least a month earlier than expected. I expect that to be the case for these two books.

So if you want to make sure  you get your copy on release day, click on the links in the paragraph above and order your copy!

Alright. Hitting the way. My brain is TOAST.

Nightie-night :-)

Much Love,


Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE) – Updates


So yep–I’ve started the outlining and conceptualizing for the 4th book in the LOVE in the USA series! I know, I know, I know… It’s  coming earlier than I originally planned but I’m in too deep to stop now. And so, at the moment I’m writing two books–this one and the next Parched Novel (I’m still not sold on the title for the Parched novel). I promise  you the quality of both stories will not be affected. I just have to wrap up Daisy and Belmont’s story in a satisfying manner. Yes, they met, had a sexual and soulful connection but why did fate believe they belong together forever? I believe both of them had some issues that needed to be resolved to be happy and health adults when they first met. This next story is about how they resolve them together and now that they have a child, there’s no escaping each other in the process… Anyway…  :-) . And so…


As of 7/11/2014

Actually, as of last night Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE) is off to the editor! My scheduled date is 7/14/2014, which means I finished early! My kind of finished is writing the first half of the book and then going back to re-read/tighten, writing the second half and then going back to re-read/tighten that part, and finally, reading from the beginning using text to speech so that I can hear how it all sounds and fixing the prose along the way. None of it takes just a little time, especially when I get to the parts where I’m like, “what in the world am I trying to say?” Or when I’m like (eye-roll), “okay, enough already end it,” and so I have to delete paragraphs. Oh, or I’m like, “didn’t I already say this a page ago?”

Anyway… I’m writing Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE). I’ve already started it actually and so now I must finish it.  You’ll kind of get a birds-eye view of the conflict in this book in Know Her, Love Her.

My life shall be CONSUMED by writing….

As of 7/1/2014

Ho finito il libro, Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE)!!!! I have finished the book! I’m off to write the next book, starting as soon as I wake up, do this, do that… eat… la la la… then write. :-)

Oh, and I have a while before it goes to the editor on July 14th… :-)

As of 5/24/2014

I really LOVE writing this series. I’m almost done writing Chapter 1. I had to stop at a certain part last night so that I can sleep, eat and reboot.

Anyway… I have all four wheels on the road and driving earlier than usual. If I finish this book a month ahead of time then I’m going to write a surprise story ;-) I think I ‘ll start the Manhattan series. The story will feature Maggie and Vince. I think this is plausible.

OK. Need coffee. I’m partial to this coffee shop on the ground floor of the building next door. They make EXCELLENT coffee…

So just wanted to update you. If you’re waiting for more LOVE in the USA, then get ready! :-)

As of 5/2/2014

I am deep into the outline phase and I LOVE how the story is shaking out! I really think you’re going to love it! Look for my customary first chapter done update within the next couple of weeks. This story is taking off in my head and I’m ready to write it!

Until next time!

As of 3/2/2014

FYI, I pushed back the release date to September 4th just in case I’m unable to make the June 9th editing date. The next editing date would be August 4th. The thing is, I’m going to be mega busy in the next three months trying to finish Forget Me Never before April 28th and yes–moving. This time it’ll be a SHORT lease.

Okay. I’ll let you know when I get started, and you never know, I just might make the June 9th edit date but I’m not going to sacrifice the story to meet the deadline. ‘ll post the description with the iTunes pre-order announcement.



As of 2/25/2014

I finally have an official release date! It’s August 1, 2014 (it may be released earlier). It goes to the editor on June 9th, which is only a month and half after Forget Me Never, A Parched Novel goes in for editing. But don’t worry, the story will not be rushed as I’m outlining and writing the early chapters along with Forget Me Never. I have to work within the constraints of the dates that I’m able to book with my favorite editor. So basically, I’ll be writing like CRAZY for the next three months! Which is why I must close this post down and get back to work.



As of 1/24/2014

I’m in the conceptualization and outlining phase. I’m spending time with the characters in my head and capturing the story and writing during the second part of my work day. This means, I’ll have to spend less time roaming the internet during periods where I have to recoup the brain. And let me say, that some of the searches that turn up on my data for this website scare the heck out of me. I mean, really, someone’s trying to find my address????? The search: Address for Z.L. Arkadie. Listen, that’s the fastest way to frighten a writer, especially someone like me, who writes stuff that traditionalists revile. Because that’s art baby :-) Anyway…  Yeah. Whomever you are, please stop looking for my address, that’s weird.

And now back to work.

Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE) is All NEW! (UPDATED)


Real quick!

I just updated the iTunes pre-order. Boy was that description OUT OF DATE. There lies another problem with pre-orders, stories often change during writing. I will be more vague in future. There’s no Mandy what’s her name in this book!

So here’s the new description and cover!

Chicago is the backdrop for the first installment in the Daisy & Belmont series.

After being struck by one of life’s greatest tragedies, Daisy and Belmont’s love looks as though it may come to an end. One walks out on the other but they somehow end up in the same city and strangely in the same restaurant. The “by chance” meetings stack up. Their sexual attraction is still stronger than ever. Each time they get one step closer to reconciling their differences, something or someone pulls them apart. But it’s never easy to defy the hand of Fate, who knows exactly what it takes to keep these two together forever.

Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE)


Also, I must explain that the only reason I made this book Daisy & Belmont Book ONE was because of covers. The series has to make sense visually. I’m reserving the books with “City Name” Love Story in the title for books that are about the forming of new couples. Once the couple is formed and if I feel more is needed to complete their stories then will write a book One, Two or Three… however many books it takes. I’m sure I can get it done in there books or less.

Okay… oh yes, and I’ll be setting up a pre-order for Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE)… Maggie is going to be an interesting one to write! :-) She’s going to have to GET IT or else she’s going to LOSE HIM. I know women like her…. Sigh… I’m not one of them. But it’s only because I’ve learned what she’s about to learn…


And once again, Know Her, Love Her will be released in August!



Headline: Title for “Getting To Know Her” Adjusted…


So I had some issues with planning my book covers for the LOVE in the USA series. If you read a post I had written a while ago, then you’re aware that I’ve figured out how to write this series–and I’m not even sure if I explained it clear enough then. So here’s the extent of it…

The city love story titles like; A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story, A Manhattan Love Story and etc., will be reserved for introducing characters who fall in love for the first time. If we see the characters again as their story continues then the book will have a new title, along with the couples’ names and the book number. For instance; Still In Love With Her (Maggie & Vince, Book ONE). By the way, that’s the title of the next release after Getting To Know Her, which now has a new title. I have to change the title to coincide with Find Her, Keep Her.

And so…

drum roll…

Getting To Know Her: A Chicago Love Story is now Know Her, Love Her (Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE).

The book cover will be changed soon. By the middle of next week, the remnants of “Getting Know Know Her” will be wiped away. This story still takes place in Chicago. I think my future Chicago Love Story novel will have to involve a female transplant with a male native in order to make it a true, Z.L. Arkadie brand of contemporary love story…

You know what? I might have to write a Portland Love Story. That’s a very contemporary city in a rare and unique way. I’m going to have to go there for about a week and really study it just to make sure I’m right. I digress. That just came to me.  A friend and I drove to Portland from Seattle. We went to this outdoor market by the lake I guess. Well there was this donut shop not too far away and the line was out of this world. So we asked this girl, carrying a dozen, “are the donuts really that good?” She said, “I don’t know. I just saw all those people standing in line so I bought some.” LOL!!!! I thought…hmmm… Honest, right??? There was also a young lady walking down the street in some sort of muumu top and wearing a cat around her neck… LOL!!! I mean like they are so I don’t give a damn. Unlike in Chicago where the women get dressed up to walk their dog, trying their hardest to resemble the women on magazine covers! They’re all about booking a man here. But Portland has a lot of  “hippie” culture. I love it!

I digress. However, A Portland Love Story is more than likely coming. I think it’s going to be fun to write–and easy since a lot of their transplants are from California, and I definitely know my Californians. LOL! It’s so funny, that all the criticisms about Daisy, are regarding her Californian traits! Most Californian girls or boys have an even attitude. No matter what color they are.  We really just don’t care. And it could be the car culture that makes us spend a lot of time alone. The car culture also makes us irritable after making a five mile commute that took close to an hour to complete. Oh my gosh, and if you exit the freeway and take the streets. The stoplights… Jeez. This is why they’re happier around the beaches where everyone rides bikes and I often used to ask, why the heck are they able to sit around cafes during the day while I have to go into the office to work???? Weird. Now, I’m one of those people! LOL! I work harder now than I did then. So I take back the eye-rolls, nose-snubs and shade I used to throw them! LOL!

You know what’s interesting about Chicago??? So I went to Nordstrom’s Rack to return something I purchased online. I noticed the large amount of men, shopping alone for clothes! I noticed it because it’s very rare to see that in L.A., heck in Seattle and San Diego too! Like these guys shop! Take the time. Go into the store. And shop! Men comment on my gladiator sandals all the time–out of the blue. “I like your shoes.” That’s so weird to me. Straight men–at least I think so. I think the next time that happens I’m going to politely ask, “could I ask you something???” and really see what kind of person he is. Unless it’s their way of hitting on me and I just don’t get it. I am aloof to those kinds of things. That’s a Californian thing as well. We’re subtle people so if you want us to really get it, then you’ll have to be more direct. Other than that, we’ll take it as is.

Anyway… You get the gist of it. And you know the couples books will only go so far–one, two, three maybe four max. It doesn’t take forever to get them healthily and on-time to their final destinations. Like where I live now is a final destination. The only problem is that it’s filled with people who brought themselves here too soon. My characters, nope. In a contemporary society you can wait and arrive once you’ve gotten it right and are able to keep the fire burning throughout your happily ever after!  :-)

Until my next update.

Happy 4th of July!

All best,


It Has A Title!!! The Next Forget Me Never Book…


Just a quick FYI…

Here’s the complete title of the next book in the Parched Series!

Forget Me Never, Pt. II (A Parched Novel) The Search For Our Desires – Coming Winter 2014!


I have some very interesting plans for this book. Remember that memory is the very essence of Sirinia and once that machine is on Earth it doesn’t only effect people, it affects time.

It’s going to be a fun write!