Update to the Misty Black Update…

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Real quick and then it’s back to work for me… I’m at an exciting point in Forget Me Never (Love it!)

However, just wanted to say that my re-release plans for Misty Black, The Beginning have changed.

This morning I received a call from my editor. She was having a difficult time editing the third-person omniscient POV. It wasn’t that she didn’t have the capability to do it, it just wasn’t her cup of tea. And so we began an entire conversation on this issue of POV and why one is more effective than the other. I admitted that the POV is the reason I haven’t released another book in the series. I’m confused by how to proceed. We talked about how omniscient has fallen out of form. I know why I chose the current POV of Misty Black. I can explain it but I’m in crunch-time–I’ll say that it had a lot to do with me being a structuralist when I began writing novels. And if I had chance to do it over again, then I would.

And so…

Why not do just that???

I know the story is strong.  But if I can make it stronger, then why not! It’s a free book. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be the best that it can be. It’s good that I unpublished it because at least now when it comes back it has the opportunity to be better, and I can be less confused on how to proceed.

After my editor and I talked, I decided to submit on December 8, 2014 for editing. That’s way, after I finish book 4 of LOVE in the USA, I’ll dedicate one month tightening the story, fixing the POV, changing it to 3rd Person Limited and separating Misty’s narration from Max’s. I’ll see…

Times up!

Excuse any glaring typos in this post. I’ll go back and re-read later. It’s time to get back to Forget Me Never.


Misty Black Update!


For those who are still following the series, don’t give up yet. Misty Black, The Beginning has just been submitted for editing.

I plan to re-release the newer, improved version next month.

I’m trying figure out the best way to tell this story but I hope to have a continuation written and released by the end of the year.


I’m closing down my computer.

I can’t believe it by I got all my words in for the day! Patting myself on the back–sometimes it’s okay to embrace feeling like a rockstar! Because the feeling is often fleeting in this business.

Have a wonderful evening (or morning) depending on where you are on the planet!


All best,

Forget Me Never (A Parched Novel) – Story Updates!



So the process of conceptualizing and then writing the next Parched novel has commenced. The first installment of this two-part series is titled “Forget Me never.” The series will be comprised of two full-length novels. This is a hug tale I’m telling here and the first and second parts take our characters on two separate hero journeys–the first is more action-oriented and the second, which is the recovery from the first part, more emotional.

And so…

As of 3/13/2014

It’s been a while and a struggle getting through this one. At first I thought I would flop. I couldn’t see the element of surprise or the purpose. And then, after I hit 23k I went back to page one to tighten. If you’ve been following my process for a while then you know I start tightening at around 30k words in. But I was so lost that I had to start it earlier. I toiled. I lost faith again. I even told my editor that the next book might not be so good. And then… the sun broke through. (Lifting my hands and shaking them!)

I’m at 33k words today and right in the thick of it. I couldn’t force my will. The story had to take a life on it’s own. There are some twists that you would’ve never thought would happen. I’ll say, Clarity grossly misjudges the heat of the fire and she gets burned.  That’s all I’m saying!

Point blank. I’m extremely happy with the story. It was an arduous undertaking but I’m past the midpoint and cruising into the home stretch. Remember, there’s a Part II to this book–and Baron and Clarity are going to have a LOT of rebuilding to do because their love has been turned upside down thanks to the world of Sirinia–and the female and MALE Sirens. Sirinia is a separated region of Legush… That’ll make sense once you finally get this story in your hands.

I can hardly wait!

The next update will be the “And it’s off!” one…



As of 2/25/2014

Well… I’ve finally reached the end of chapter 1. I might sound like a broken record when I say this but the first chapter is ALWAYS the hardest. Smoke is snaking up from brain. Jeez. It never feels like it’s right until I re-read it and go, “oh my gosh, that worked!”

Anyway… I’ll have an official cover hopefully in the next few weeks! I will also start an iTunes pre-order for this book as well. Look for updates!

Okay. So. The cover real will take place soon. AND… I now have a release date. It will be June 1, 2014! It goes to the editor on April 28th.

Talk soon!


As of 1/23/2014

My brain is rested from taking last weekend plus three days this week off from writing/outlining. I’ve only been conceptualizing in my head without writing anything down. I feel good. I’m digging the plot elements of this story.  It’s been a exhilarating to get back into the world of Parched.

I’ll have a short synopsis for you by the end of next month. I could write it now but I want to make sure I have at least 30k words behind me before I fully commit to it :-)

However, if you’re waiting for the next Parched novel, then this update is to let you know that you can now get on your mark! (You know? Get on your mark, get set, go… That’s what I mean :-) )

While I’m writing this Parched novel, I’m going to outline the next LOVE in the USA novel so that I can keep that world fresh in my head and be ready to go with book 4 at the completion of “Snatched from the Heart,” which by the way is a title that may or may not change.

Until next time…

Winners of the Twitter Signup Contest!


So I cut of slits of papers, wrote names on them, folded them, put them in a plastic container, shook them up and chose not three but 4!!! Yes… I decided to add another winner.

And without further ado…

1. Diedra Fransaw

2. Rosemary Wright

3. Frances Head

4. Stacy Payne


Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be contacting you for contact information either today or tomorrow. I have to get cracking on my writing work-day. 28 more days until the book I’m working on goes to the editor.

Once again, congratulations to you! I will be sending you Find Her, Keep Her – A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story, There’s Something About Her, A Manhattan Love Story and Say You Love Her, An L.A. Love Story.

All Best,

Destination Next – Chicago, Ill



I’m impulsive–right???

Those who have followed me for a while know this about me. Well–impulsive me is about to sign a 6 months lease on an apartment here in downtown Chicago. This place is BEAUTIFUL. The views–breathtaking. The neighborhood urban but quiet. I saw two coffee shops in the immediate vicinity, a grocery store on the other side of the park and I was told Target is on the other side of something they called the Ped-tunnel (I probably got it wrong–but it’s a tunnel you walk through to get to Target! :-) )

Anyway… I’m in the city this weekend. I like the city–not love it. It’s still an anomaly to me. I’m still trying to figure it out. It’s very different. As far as I can see there are no hints of L.A. here and that’s not a bad thing at all. I was just telling one of my friends that I think it’s a good thing. I’m uptight and demanding but very laid back about it–that’s LA… They’re laid back but busy. It’s more like L.A. in the way that there’s a mixture of ages. But not in the way that the people here are perfectly content with say… eating at a table alone–enjoying their solitude in public. No banging on the computer or plugging away on their cellphone or reading on a device… They are content with just sitting there, eating and living in peace. I like that. A lot. But I’m still trying to figure it all out. Maybe I will in 6 months. We’ll see and you’ll be one of the first to know…

Oh, and I love the gothic architecture that intermingles with the modern. One look and I thought the city was a bit ostentatious. Especially with the revolving doors in every building. And then I ask the guy at 7-Elevn, what’s up with the revolving doors… He said they install them because of the wind. He didn’t like being asked. And he was like “you’ll be okay…” Rude. He said this to my back. I was done after he answered the question That’s one thing–they don’t like questioned or criticized about their way of life. They seem quick to get defensive. But I’m L.A. which means I don’t give a care… In that way, I’m good for them… LOL! Some people call us fake because of our ability to smile and move on–but it really is the process of not letting ourselves be affected by someone we’re never going to see again. It may have something to do with hardly ever seeing the same person twice. I mean, I used to frequent a Trader Joe’s in Westchester and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one shopper twice.


But I’ve learned something recently while being faced with writing the next book in LOVE in the USA series… I can’t reject one extreme by being the extreme of the opposite. There’s a middle ground. The normal middle… I think that’s what Chicago is… This middle that I didn’t expect it to be! It all came about so naturally–Daisy and Belmont solidifying their bond here in the “normal” city… :-) I’m learning something–changing in this process… I love it!

Now PLEASE don’t let me run into any male types that may have seen me naked a handful or ten handfuls of times while living in L.A. Which is one reason I’ve been avoiding this city. Like I said, in LA you it’s rare that you run into anyone twice–even someone who’s seen you naked (unless you call each other and make plans to see each other–clothed or otherwise)… Hopefully the same applies here.

So here’s the view from my hotel room–6 months in Chicago here I come!

Much Love.



Parched Book ONE–Reedited, Revised, REBORN…


Was the title of this post dramatic or what?

Let me preface this post by saying–I am sleepy. So please forgive me if I write something incoherent. I promise to correct it as soon as I wake up. I simply couldn’t wait until the morning to announce this.

So the new version of Parched book #1 is now the REBORN version on iBooks, Amazon, Google Play and Kobo. It’s going to take some time to reach Nook, upwards of a few weeks BUT you purchased the box-set on Nook, Parched books 1-3, then go ahead and refresh the file on your reader because the REBORN version will be accessible to you… (Huh??? I’m sure there was an easier way to say that–but you get the gist) Yeah, and subsequently, if you bought the box set, then book 1 has been updated.

Right now, I’m working with a rep at Createspace on the print version. Woo-hoo :-)

So my editor cut like 12,000 words, which improved flow, readability and speeds up the pace. I added more detail to some scenes–especially the sex scenes. It’s just SO MUCH BETTER. It’ll be like reading a new book so if you read it before, then I encourage you to read it again. ;-)

I feel as though I’m leaving out some pertinent information. Hmmm….

Oh… Yes, I just sent Amazon a request asking them to email all those who own the book, either the single version or the box-set, and advise them that a new version is available. They’ll do that if they feel the change is major. 12k words ixnay. I would say that’s major.

Oh… I also have to add. After major editing the novel goes through 2 proofs by two different proofreaders. If you downloaded the iBooks version on 3/22/2014, then you should be good. That version was the 1st proof. The second proof had very little corrections–all minor and subjective. This book has been proofed to death over the years by people who called themselves editors. Finally, it has been treated by a real editor :-)

I submitted Quenched, book 3 for editing today! The update should be ready by the end of April and the print version should be available by the beginning of May! But the rest of the books in the series, books 3-7, are not as strained and overwritten as Parched, Book 1 was. So, your current version of Quenched should be good. :-)

Alright bed time.

Much Love.


iBooks Pre-Order Price Correction…

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Real quick. I made an error with pricing.

The price for Forget Me Never and Getting To Know Her, A Chicago Love Story is $2.99, not $3.99.

Both books $2.99. I changed the price of “Getting To Know Her, A Chicago Love Story” a few days ago. I’ll change  Forget Me Never today.

Also, stay tuned for the reedited version of Parched, Book 1. It is MUCH better. My editor is aggressive and I love it! She sliced thousands of words from that slower version. I’ve added a little more spice too ;-) So, even if you’ve read the old version–you might want to find some time to reconnect with the new one. Wow–how sexually bland was book 1???? No wonder readers were shocked by book 4 and beyond! LOL! I guess I should add a disclaimer to book 1: Warning. This series gets progressively STEAMIER.

Anyway… It’s now in the second proofing stage at the moment. The previous “editors” before my new editor from Red Adept, were mainly proofers, who called themselves “editors” so basically this book has been proofed to death but I paid for the 2nd proof, although the first proof was pretty strong…. (Now that was a mouthful)… I should have the new version on all storefronts by early next week.


And now back to work.

Dang, it’s already 2:00 PM… I hate this spring forward deal. I need it to fall back to 1:00 PM. I can use the extra hour and I bet you could too!

Much Love.